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210 W. 3rd Street
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Moore Radio Guarantees the BEST 2-Way Radio Service in the Nation!!

We accept all major credit cards, including American Express Corporate.

Moore Radio has been in business since 1983 and has customers in all 50 states, 3 Canadian Provinces, 2 of the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.

Moore Radio specializes in service, installation, and sales of business band and public safety FM 2-way radio. We offer complete communication systems including base stations, repeaters, mobiles, portables, pagers, control points, and everything involved with the use of the radios including towers, license, antennas, batteries, lightning protection, and more. We have systems with effective ranges from 3 to 100 miles. We do not deal with CB (citizen band), marine (boat), aviation (airplane) or Ham (amateur) radios.

Moore Radio has two separate areas of operation;

  • Local- Customers come to us or we travel to the job site and perform any and all work necessary including on-site repairs and installation.
  • Nationwide- Customers order new equipment to be shipped to them or sends radios to us for repair and return. This is primarily for portable radios since mobiles, base stations, and repeaters require professional installation.

Moore Radio services all brands of FM 2-way radio including Motorola, Kenwood, Vertex, MA com, Relm, BK, Regency, EJ Johnson and Tekk. Our primary sales are Icom, Ritron, Jobcom, Midland and Maxon radios. Moore Radio services everything that we sell and will work toward providing any brand a customer wants. Warranty service is provided at our site whenever it is required.

Moore Radio can take a standard automobile and install all the emergency lights, siren, scanner, antennas, cage, gun rack and anything else required to convert it into an official emergency vehicle (police car, fire truck, or ambulance).

Moore Radio's vendor sources include: Antennex, Astron, Battery Jack, Battery Zone, Bee Cases, Bendix King, BK, Bridgecom Systems, Cape International, CES, Communications Specialist, David Clark Company, Eartek, EF Johnson, Empire Scientific, Firecom, Gai-tronics, ICM Crystals, Icom, Interstate Battery, Jobcom, Kenwood, Larsen, Leathersmith, MCM Electonics, Midland Radio Corporation, Motorola, Multiplier, Otto Engineering, Portaphone, Power Products, Pulse, Reach, Relm, RF Parts, Ritron, Sante Fe Distributing, Sycom, Tecnet, Tekk, Tx-Rx Systems, Veetronics, Vertex-Standard, W&W Manufacturing, and Zetron.

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